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Juxtapose Films
Producing Cosplay Profiles & Documentaries
in Denver, Colorado and the Rocky Mountains
Thanks for all your support at Denver Comic Con!  We are in process of completing final filming and will begin editing soon! Yay!
Thomas - Journeyman Documentary Project #1: Untitled

Follow a cosplayer through the creation and development of costume, props, and presentation for the 3rd Denver Comic Con Costume Shindig in June 2014.  Explore the process of design and fabrication through the eyes of this artist and share the results of his work along with us as he presents his creation.

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If you attended the Cosplay on a Budget panel at DCC and are looking for the
presenter's page, please head over to Charmedseed Costuming!  Thanks!


Costuming has a long and colorful history, and the popular phenomenon called “cosplay” – a portmanteau of the words costume and play - is no exception.  With thousands of fans joining this movement every year, cosplay is now mainstream… but the knowledge of the process often isn’t.  Juxtapose will portray the passion, artistry, and skill of cosplayers from all areas of the spectrum: the novice, the journeyman, and the master.

Cosplayers and costumers of all walks are eager to see positive, quality representations of their art form in the media.  Juxtapose peers into all parts of cosplay, from research to fabrication, the influence of social media, community, and mundane life, the preparation and anticipation of the convention, and everything in between.

For the cosplayer, Juxtapose details the differences in process and production at many points of expertise and experience.  Expectations and results change dramatically with the history of individual cosplayers and costumers.  For viewers new to cosplay, Juxtapose is a balanced view into a fascinating world of creation, fandom, and wearable art.

Only film can capture the true experience both behind the scenes and on stage associated with cosplay competition.  Seeing the work that goes into each costume, hearing the voices of the cosplayers as they progress, and finally viewing the completed costume during a competitive presentation creates an intimate and honest view of the cosplay scene and experience.  Join our cosplayers from the very first stitch to the final bow as they experience the challenges and triumphs along the road to competition.


Beverly Warner is an award-winning master cosplayer who has been active in the community since 1998.  She has competed, presented, and taught at conventions across the US, including at Anime Central in Chicago, Nan Desu Kan in Denver, and Costume Con, the International Costumer’s Guild flagship traveling convention.  Her personal costumes and creations are hosted at charmedseed.netJuxtapose is her first film.  Please email at

Please support us by donating at Indiegogo!